A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hi! This is a demo of my interactive album. It consists of several audio-centric games and sound toy! The games are sort of experimental(? ). Hopefully, you will enjoy the tracks and the games.

Full release will come soon, along with the fixed media version album!

Please let me know any bugs and suggestions, thanks in advance! 

P.S. I'm not an Apple identified developer yet, so you might want to change your security setting if you are a Mac user


A_City_In_Me(Demo)Win.zip 207 MB
A_City_In_Me(Demo)Mac.app.zip 230 MB


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Thank you very much for playing and help to test the game! I'll definitely look into the bugs and make fixes in updated versions.

For the music: https://chranesylk.bandcamp.co...

The above is the link to the Bandcamp album page, the two songs in the games are there for download.  The album is free for now, please feel free to use the music in your videos. (The cube level's sound is generative so I do not have a track for now. If you like the sounds, I can make a recording of the soundscape and send it to you.)

 I am glad you enjoy the experience.  Also thank you very much for featuring my game on the list!

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